A 9.12 video collage & tribute to American Patriots

Blog: Back to basics for the Republican Party-Michael Zak

Blog: Michelle Moore: A Traditional Life Lived

Brietbart - Big Journalism

The Dana Show--The Conservative Alternative 
Missouri Federation of Republican Women

Grade Gov.com

John Combest

Lafayette County Government Page

Macon County Patriots

Missouri Republican Party

Republican National Committee

Senator David Pearce

Representative Glen Kolkmeyer

National Federation of Republican Women


Smart Girl Politics

KCMO Talk Radio Morning Show with Greg Knapp 

Welcome to the Lafayette County Republican Central Committee!

Vote Yes on Amendment #1!
Krauthammer on Immigration
Senator Blunt on Hobby Lobby decision (radio)
Graham Criticizes Obama Administration for Release of Taliban
Sen. Cruz Speaks in Opposition to Repealing First Amendment
Obama learns about a lot of his scandals from the news
Heritage’s Alyene Senger on Obamacare’s Subsidy Problems
Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi
Smoking Document’ Benghazi Emails

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